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Putting the fun in fundraising

Despite fighting with a slipped disk in my back the last two weeks, I’ve been busy on the fundraising side of the Spotlight Alberta launch.

My first step was to join the LION Publishers group on the recommendation from advisor Jim Brady. LION has long been the go-to hub for upstart online news entrepreneurs providing best practices, networking and a popular rant-approved Facebook group.

I’ve also partnered with Erin Millar at The Discourse to apply for a grant from the feds’ Local Journalism Initiative. If successful, this grant would fund the city hall and crime-courts reporter positions in Edmonton.

We’re also in the running for The Discourse’s new Independent News Challenge program that would bring nine weeks of intensive learning around marketing and member growth. It would also come with a $5,000 grant. We expect to hear an update on our status in this program in the next two weeks.

One other recommendation that I’ve followed is to contact the Business Development Bank of Canada about their innovative loan program. I’ve received the rundown of documents needed for an application and will be following through on that next week.

Last but best, we’ve seen our first few paid members sign up to support our work. Thank you so much for believing in us in our early stages.

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