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Newsletter to write home about

One topic I’m always researching is the best way to produce newsletters.

There are your standard “Breaking News Alerts” which hit your inbox when something major happens in your market, and it usually links back to a story on a news website. Next is the collection of links with context newsletter (which I’m currently offering). This is designed to keep your subscribers up to date with innovations and news that are worthy of amplification. There is also the straight-up marketing newsletter with offers and sales and links to products.

The sweet spot is typically the links and context option. The Skimm is probably one of the most successful and one of my favourites. It’s cheeky and chatty but filled with real meals. Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources is also quite popular.

One constant among most media newsletters is the fear of linking to the competition because you might actually send them some clicks. The horror!

I’ve laughed out loud at this backwards fear. If you’re in the practice of serving your readers’ best interests, you’ll send them links to the best stories, regardless of their origin. This is something I plan on doing once I get more active in sending out our Spotlight Alberta Roundup (coming soon, patent not pending).

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