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Advisor team almost full

As we get closer to launching the membership drive and fundraising campaign, I’m working hard to finalize the advisor team.

I’m pleased to announce the addition of one of my favourite people in digital news — Jim Brady.

Jim Brady

Jim is one of the original gurus who was and is at the forefront of innovation in the space. He brings a lengthy list of accomplishments to the role, but as important to me is his down-to-earth approach and lack of pretense.

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him present at several ONA conferences and have chatted one on one with him on a few occasions.

I recognized quickly that he thinks three moves ahead like a chess master, but he’s also a New York Jets fan so he has to be humble.

Over the next week, I’m also preparing to work for Elections Canada as a Central Poll Supervisor. After covering 15 or so elections as a journalist over the years, it will be fascinating to be on the inside this time around.

After completing three training sessions, I can say I had no idea how intricate the process and how proud the workers are who deploy and execute the second most important part of any election.

After Oct. 21, I’ll truly be focusing full-time energy on Spotlight.

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