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Strife is a highway

I worked my last shift at Castanet in Vernon last Tuesday and feverishly began prepping for a few days in Edmonton.

The drive was serene and stunning, with the leaves turning and the low clouds rolling through the mountain passes. Well, it was serene until we got onto Highway 2.

For the uninitiated, driving on Highway 2 between Calgary and Edmonton is akin to the Hot Wheels Fat Track from 1971: You go full speed and randomly change lanes while hoping not to be knocked from behind by an oversized diesel pick-up truck and run off of the highway.

This week will bring significant activity on Spotlight Alberta.

Now that I’m able to devote full-time hours to work on the project, you should notice many more updates in this space.

Monday I’ll be incorporating the company and opening a bank account so we can start the membership and fundraising drives. I’m also working to add two major advisors to our team who have both succeeded in the membership and revenue realms in digital news start-ups.

Stay tuned for formal announcements this week on those exciting developments.

Today’s reading comes from Christine Schmidt at Nieman Lab, who investigated the importance of listening to your audience.

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